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Art Therapy, Ceramics, Craft, Digital Artist, Drawing, Environment, Fine Art, Glass Design, Graffiti, Indigenous Art, Live Projections, Multi-Media Artist, Painting, Printmaking, Public Art


  • College of Fine arts (COFA)
    Master of Art
    2009 - 1970

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Yiwon Park
Education Graduated 2009 - College of Fine arts (COFA)
Location Sydney Australia


About Yiwon

My art is an interpretation of the world I belong to and the process researching self beyond consciousness and unconsciousness. I see it is journey of life to find truth of self. And it's important to looking at your inside. The artworks are dreamy world of my own. As psychologist Carl Jung's philosophy explains there is more world such as collective unconsciousness beyond our rational thought which we could hardly recognise. My intention of work is to research those collective emotions through the works and enjoy the journey.
Recently I'm focused on emotions being an artist especially as a migrant multicultural background artist in Australia. Nomadic and fragile on the other hand enjoyable and hilarious. Using symbolic object and metaphors is the way I express myself, through the context of objects I try to create dialog in amongst myself, my art and viewers.
So, the Journey has been started.....




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