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The problem
Make Noise International the first choice for Sydney’s ad creatives. Create a website that can endure as a standalone brand piece, but also promote seasonal events like ‘Ping-Pong by Noise 2013’ – a regular table tennis tournament.

Consumer insight
Whatever the agency, creatives all experience the same daily situations.

Brand insight
Whatever the agency, NOISE has the ability to deliver on their audio needs.

The powerful truth
NOISE gets sound for advertising.

The solution
The idea was to demonstrate how well Noise understand creatives’ audio needs. Not just for ads, but on a deeper level: in their everyday workday.

A soundboard called ‘Noiseboard’ was developed for desktop and mobile, with 27 sound-bytes for a range of situations universal to ad creatives – the soundtrack to their life. All sound and music was created by Noise, to showcase their abilities.

In a technical first, the entire website was created programmatically in HTML5 with the 2D Canvas, with no traditional graphics. When sounds were played, they animated a Noise logo – a process generated completely by the browser, using the Web Audio API in real-time.

The site was launched with an animated video called ‘A Day in Creative’. The animations were created by Resolution to respond to a set soundtrack, with original music and sound effects by Noise. The website also worked on mobile as an app.

eDMs drove traffic to the web for registration, as well as 48 unique posters, hand-delivered to the agencies invited to Ping-Pong by Noise 2013. The image on each poster was a screen-grab of that agency’s name being spoken into a mic and animating the Noise logo in a browser.

The Art Of Noise

Awards and Achievements

  • FWA - Site of the day


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