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Just like us (supposed) grown-ups, kids love to travel. But with Mum and Dad calling the shots, there’s always the chance they’ll miss out on something really cool.

Supported by an active community of young people, travel app Bound Round was created to give kids the lowdown on some of the world’s top places. If they ever find themselves headed there, children with the app will know exactly what they’ve got to look forward to – and what to make sure gets put on the itinerary. Parents love it too, as the stories, photos, videos and games help kids get a greater sense of place, in an engaging way.

It’s been a big success, with Virgin Australia even featuring it in their in-flight entertainment system. But one thing the US engineering team hadn’t quite cracked was the UX, so founder Janeece Keller asked us to make some recommendations and help make the app more intuitive for little fingers.

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