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  • Adina Trzaska

    Fashion Stylist

    Fashion, Still Life
    Education Modelism, Stilism
    Employer Freelance
    Location Berlin Germany
  • Alexandra Matsoukas

    Art Direction, Branding, Design, Events, Illustrator
    Education Graphic Design
    Location Victoria Australia
  • Alexia Lyons

    Campaign & Communications Manager

    Account Management, Advertising, Brand Management, Campaign Management, Campaigns
    Location Victoria Australia
  • Alissa Sanders

    The White Agency

    Branding, Corporate Identity, Print Design, T-Shirt Design, Typography
    Location New South Wales Australia
  • Andy Lewis

    Food Photographer

    Advertising, Animation, Architectural, Capture One, Commercial Photography
    Education Photography
    Employer Andy Lewis Photography
    Location New South Wales Australia
  • Bernadette Hanna

    Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Directing, Film, Photography
    Education Film Studies
    Employer Event Cinemas
    Location New South Wales Australia
  • Becka Hussey

    Graphic Designer / Photographer

    Art Direction, Art Photography, Corporate Identity, Design, Environmental Design
    Education VCE
    Employer NH Architecture
    Location Victoria Australia
  • Rebecca Palk

    Graphic Design

    Advertising, After Effects, Brand Design, Brand Identity, Branding
    Education graphic design
    Employer Salad Bowl
    Location Victoria Australia
  • Rechelle van Huisstede

    Chelle van Photography

    After Effects, Art Direction, Art Photography, Beauty, Catalog
    Location New South Wales Australia
  • conor connolly

    Graphic Designer

    Art Direction, Brand Design, Brand Identity, Branding, Corporate Identity
    Education Cert IV Graphic Design
    Employer Freelance
    Location New South Wales Australia

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