"Fortune Favours The Brave" (Official Music Video) - Mayhem Addition

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“Fortune favours the brave” – a roman proverb that sparks fire in the human soul simply by reading it. It’s greatness provides greater responsibility to ensure that any piece of art referencing it warrants its use; especially in the title. When ‘Mayhem Addition’ called us to shoot their music video for their single of the same name, we had to ensure that the video promoted the same motivation within the viewer. They wanted a symbol of strength & beauty. They wanted it set in a forest at night. They wanted it shot using the best camera equipment available… and they wanted it shot in one night. A truly bold request. What we produced was something we are truly proud of. The music video was shot in 3 locations – one of them a pine forest, at night, using an elaborate lighting set up. We sourced an Arri Alexa camera and SteadyCam for ultimate shot quality. It had a heavy performance focus (because of the genre of music), with the story of a beautiful Siberian Husky braving an escape from a perfectly cast hillbilly-with-a-gun in an old beat-up ute tying it all together. … and we captured it all in a single night.



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