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Our vision at The Loop has always been to better connect creatives with commercial opportunities and to date we've helped over 19,000 Australian freelancers do just that.

The Loop's freelance survey is aimed at helping to standardise the value of freelance work at all levels through fair renumeration. The survey of 1,127 creative-sector freelancers was conducted in conjunction with the development of our new freelance job service, Freelance Pro. As part of the survey, we delved deeper into the industry to better understand the experience of being a freelancer in the creative sector.

The results? It's not so easy being your own boss with many freelancers out of work and under paid; but Freelance Pro is here to help.

Freelance Pro is the easy way to connect with and hire leading creative freelancers based on recommendations and referrals from trusted contacts. This reduces the risk of hiring a bad freelancer that could cost a business time and money, while simultaneously connecting freelancers to more and better job opportunities.

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