Location New South Wales, Australia
Founded 2008
Website www.theideasbodega.com.au

An innovation + creativity company. We help companies to stay ahead of the competition, come up with the next big thing, drive innovation and create cultures where creativity and innovation flourish.

We offer...
Idea Generation Training:
We train teams in the tools and techniques that dramatically impact brainstorms and create winning ideas.

Creative Thinking Facilitation:
We help with any business challenge that requires fresh and innovative thinking. We facilitate creative sessions (brainstorms, strategy meetings, new product development or new business pitch sessions.

Keynotes on Creativity and Innovation:
We deliver inspirational and thought provoking key notes on Creativity and Innovation.

Expert Consulting:
Building innovation capability and creative culture management.



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Studio 17, 617 Elizabeth Street, Redfern, New South Wales, 2016, Australia

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