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CLIENT: Dept. Sustainability and Environment

AGENCY: Fire Films

PROJECT: Educate Victorians about the department's new Water in Victoria policy

IDEA: Make complex concepts as easy to understand as possible, through words and images

REALITY: A four minute animated video posted online and used in presentations by the DSE

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Victoria, we're changing the way we use our water.

Not long ago, we used our drinking water for everything—and we let all the rainwater and wastewater just wash away.

It was not only wasteful, but harmful to our environment and our urban waterways.

Now, we know we can capture the water we let wash away, and use it for a range of purposes in our homes and communities—water like rainwater, stormwater and recycled water.

This is what integrated water cycle management is all about.

You see, we don't need to stop using water. We just need to use the water we've got, more efficiently. Particularly as our population grows and our climate remains unpredictable.

It's a new way of thinking about water that affects every corner of the Victorian community.

And it starts with you, your house and your suburb.

Rainwater tanks, purple pipes for recycled water, greywater systems, and raingardens are just some of the new solutions Victorians are adding to their homes.

In many of our communities, nature strips and local wetlands act as biofilters, commercial buildings reuse water from their roofs and sports clubs redirect stormwater to their ovals.

In new urban developments, where it makes sense, localised treatment plants can be used to produce recycled water too.

There are a range of unique, flexible and cost effective solutions for every community. And because every house and every suburb is different, each can choose its own solution.

If we take full advantage of all the water solutions available to us we'll save more water for an unpredictable future. Like in recent years, where Victoria has experienced both extreme drought and severe flooding.

Our new approach to water will ensure our communities become greener and are at reduced risk from threats such as drought, flooding, population growth and the urban heat effect.

Not just in Melbourne either, but our regional centres can be part of the solutions too.

Which means the water from our dams and major water storages can be saved for drinking water;

By being smarter with our water in Melbourne, we can mitigate the need to take water from our farmers and food producers in regional Victoria;

The environmental health of Victoria's rivers, bays and other waterways will improve;

The amount of stormwater runoff, and the pollutants in this runoff, will be reduced from our urban areas;

And the need for large-scale infrastructure like another desalination plant is reduced.

It's a grand idea that benefits all of Victoria.

And it starts with you, your house and your suburb.

So let's change the way we use our water to support a liveable, sustainable and productive Victoria.


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