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  • Emilya Colliver

    Founder & Culture Vulture

    Digital Content
    Location New South Wales Australia
  • Marc Newson


    Location New South Wales Australia
  • Ruth O'Leary


    Art Direction, Art Photography, Commercial Photography, Digital Imaging, Illustrator
    Location New South Wales Australia
  • Dani Vittz

    Illustrator/ Cartoonist

    Advertising, Advertising Design, Art Direction, Artist, Branding
    Employer Dani Vittz
    Location New South Wales Australia
  • Emilie Pfitzner

    Freelance Creative Graphic Design

    Art Direction, Branding, Collage, Creative Direction, Design
    Education Bachelor Communication Design
    Employer Everyday Ambitions
    Location Victoria Australia
  • Rebecca Macdonald

    Senior Graphic Designer

    Branding, Corporate Identity, Environmental Design, Packaging, Print Design
    Education Bachelor of Design
    Employer End of Work
    Location London UK
  • Kevin Tran

    Multidisciplinary Designer/ Artist

    Art Direction, Brand Design, Branding, Corporate Identity, Design
    Education Graphic Design Course
    Employer Ragged Edge
    Location London UK
  • Matt Fayle

    Founder & CEO - THE LOOP

    Account Management, Account Manager, Adobe - Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign, Brand Design, Brand Management
    Education Bachelor of Education (PE)
    Employer The Loop
    Location New South Wales Australia
  • Olivia McDonald


    Design, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom
    Education Bachelor of Design (Creative Direction)
    Employer Zomp Shoez
    Location Victoria Australia
  • Sylvia Weimer

    Creative director

    Art Direction, Art Direction & Design, Branding, Creative and Design Direction, Design
    Education Visual Communication
    Employer Spacelab Design
    Location New South Wales Australia

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