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Shot & edited by: Priit Siimon
Creative direction: Jodia Natapradja, Ricky Simandjuntak
Music: Music: Timothy Vaughn

This 3 part series was built on trust and the open mindedness of accepting that we are better as a tribe. The series is a thoughtful collaboration between them and a selection of Sydney’s most humble craftspeople.
First instalment of Sydney Romantics's 3 part series starts with Arthur Tong and the wonderful team at Tea Craft.

Second instalment is a celebration of the art of collaboration.
Tara Bennett's passion for sustainable products, affordable designer items that don’t have a use by date, is why Sydney Romantics decided to collaborate on the Candle Cup with the Provider Store. A multi-use and multi-sensory vessel that keeps on giving long after the wax from the Chenak tea scented candle has burned.

Third instalment introduces you to Josh McPhee and Dave Moran, the chef’s and owner’s of The General - Eatery and Supplies in Dulwich Hill. With a focus on produce-driven food they have breathed new life into this little inner western suburb of Sydney, by understanding that change starts with community.

We believe that originality takes time so enjoy it.

Abstract from Sydney Romantics:
"Why haven’t souvenir shops changed?

I remember heading into China Town as a kid purely to buy gifts in preparation for a month’s holiday to see my relatives in Indonesia. My Mum would buy 3 packs of clip on Koala dolls, a wooden plaque with the Sydney Harbour etched into it, Green and Gold Australia T-Shirts and a couple of Boomerangs to round up the goodie bag of Australiana. These cartoon relics are the reminders of our experiences and a representation of our home.

I feel there is a lack of authenticity and diversity with the way our city is portrayed.

You don’t have to travel far to pick up a memento or go into a souvenir shop to buy a gift. Handiworks is built from accepting influences from around the world to make products that are uniquely local.

We believe that our story is best told through our peers. The local heroes that put their heart and soul into their craft without knowing they are creating a positive impact on their community. We’ve taken that spirit and bottled, packaged and wrapped it up as Handiworks."


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