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  • Rebecca Wetzler

    Mural Painter,Illustrator

    Advertising, Design, Digital Artist, Drawing, Events
    Education BA of Graphic Design
    Employer www.rebeccawetzler.com
    Location Victoria Australia
  • Christopher Magick

    Brand Manager/ Creative Director

    Advertising, After Effects, Animation, Art Direction, Artwork and Production
    Education Communications
    Employer Linou
    Location New South Wales Australia
  • christine rockley


    Branding, Digital, Drawing, Illustration, Illustrator
    Education Illustration
    Employer Natural History Artist
    Location Victoria Australia
  • Ellen Conti

    Graphic Designer & Illustrator

    Brand Design, Branding, Collage, Digital, Drawing
    Education Bachelor of Communication Design
    Employer ANZIIF
    Location Victoria Australia
  • Elliott William

    Graphic Artist @ Nine Network

    Advertising Design, After Effects, Brand Design, Branding, Corporate Identity
    Education Bachelor Of Communication
    Employer Nine News Network
    Location New South Wales Australia
  • Ella Trengove

    Graphic Designer

    Advertising Design, Brand Design, Branding, Corporate Identity, Dreamweaver
    Location New South Wales Australia
  • Edwina Buckley

    Illustrator & Designer

    Animals, Branding, Collage, Commercial, Concept
    Education Botanical Illustration Art Master Class
    Employer Lollilu studio
    Location New South Wales Australia
  • Rohan Anderson

    Band photography, Concert Photography, Digital Photograhy, Event Photography, InDesign
    Education Bachelor of Digital Media
    Employer The Music
    Location New South Wales Australia
  • Tracey Luczycki

    Web Designer/Photographer

    Art Photography, Beauty, Blog Design, Children, CSS
    Education Masters in Design
    Location New South Wales Australia

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