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University Brief to create a design magazine.

Folie is a magazine for young designers of today’s generation. Folie illustrates the world of creativity through a variety of different design practices. It is a magazine that combines the two types of design, illustration and type through hand generated lettering, mark making, image making contrasted with clean crisp type and white space. Creativity involves madness and with this magazine I really wanted to convey the perfect world of design with type and white space contrasted with the mess and that comes along with it through hand generated imagery and type.

Ellen Lupton’s ‘White Space’ article focuses on the importance of white space and what it does for a page. I wanted to play on the idea of clutter of text contrasting with white space, showing the greater different and importance of white space in a layout. I accomplished this on the recto page of the article ‘White Space’ through the use of acetate on white paper. The acetate is a contrast as it is a black space with clear text, amongst the white pages. The headings on the acetate create a framing around the ideal cherished space and it reflects on white paper, which juxtaposes between them, as the reader leaves a black page to a clean page. The white page underneath the acetate contains a pull quote ‘Relentless Clutter’ framed within the empty area in the previous page. This is unexpected and it adds irony, as there is no clutter within the white page where as in the previous page there was, with bleeding text. This creates a breath of fresh air as the user turns and gets the idea of white space before turning onto the double page spread.


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