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Audio, Audio Engineering, Digital Content, Photoshop, Sound Design, Sound Editor, Sound Mixer, Sound Recordist, TV & Film Commercial


  • SC Barendse
    2014 - Present

    Soul writer/singer and composer. Producer and assistant engineer.

  • Village Bar (Subiaco)
    Promoter/Live Mixer
    2014 - Present

    Casual Promoting and scouting of local acoustic artists and live mixing for the venue. With association with Polaroid Productions this position started as voluntary then lead to payment.

  • Poons Head
    2013 - 2013

    Vollentary assisting Rob Grant at Poons Head Studios in Fremantle

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Samuel Barendse
Employer SC Barendse
Location Perth Australia


About Samuel

My Name is Samuel Barendse, I am a Singer/Song-Writer/Producer/Sound Engineer from Perth Western Australia. At this time I work under the alias "S.C. Barendse". I am also Currently studying a Bachelor of Audio Engineering at SAE (Perth Campus)

All I want is to have a career in music. Whether that means scoring for adverts, writing songs or producing other bands it's all relevant to me. I specialise in ambient music and creating soundscapes intended to relax people and when I'm writing my themes are usually loneliness, the beauty within harsh realities and release of whatever metaphorical weight I once had on my shoulders.

I want to connect with people via music basically. I am an utter perfectionist I don't release anything without the approval of several people and I often don't advertise my workload in order to make my work seem mysterious. I always will work with a partner so I always have a second opinion. And I will always let my employer play a big part in the overall production so I can ensure they get what they want. I am open to all types of media that require soundscape whether it be short films or providing backing for other artists, I enjoy pushing myself and stepping out of my comfort zone.

If you were to work with me I can offer you my full dedication to give you whatever you need at a negotiable price. I'm always open to discussing projects and i'd love to hear from anyone who's interested in my work or future tasks.

Speak to you soon :)






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