Show us what you’ve got (Facebook fan page)

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Show us what you’ve got (Facebook fan page)

The brief was to increase awareness of Reverse Garbage to the general public, thereby increasing foot traffic and purchases. Reverse Garbage is Australia’s largest creative reuse centre and it is a very successful non-for profit company with strong community ties and 40 years of history. Our objective was to inspire DIYers to think beyond the typical uses of materials and explore creative solutions. Unfortunately, Reverse Garbage is lacking in tangible inspirations that leads DIYers to browse rather than find and make a purchase at Reverse Garbage. Most of DIYers are compelled to reuse, but have no real idea of what to make. The task was to create a digital space, where DIYers get inspired. People get inspired by what they see or hear. Seeing innovative and functional reuse projects can change people’s perception on everyday waste.

In order to do that, I have created a Facebook fan page called, “Show us what you’ve got”, where DIYers can create and upload a reused project from simply utilising a monthly themed material from Reverse Garbage.

Tractor Digital Design


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