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Inspired by summer travels throughout Europe in 2016, this project was interested in drawing the buildings that caught the attention of viewers. Gabrielle’s background in spatial design allowed to connect with specific building when she arrived in Belfast for her international exchange, such as, City Hall, St Anne’s Cathedral, Crumlin Goal and the way that the houses in the estate areas all line up in unison.

Through experimentation with layering, the project was able to communicate ideas about travelling across oceans to come to a “New World”. The colours are inspired by the various colours of the oceans, in relation to ancestral histories of individuals who travelled by ship to Australia from Ireland and generations later, those who travelled back over the oceans by plane.

The collection incorporates textile printing techniques, such as screen printing, repeat printing, foiling, devore, and experimental pressing techniques. The final solutions were aimed to be produced and developed as unisex t-shirts, due to the colour combinations and topical prints that were created through this collection.


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Gabrielle Ingham


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