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  • Cinematography 1


Adobe Audition CC (basic-intermediate), After Effects CC (Intermediate), AVID Basic, Film, Final Cut 7 (advanced), Illustrator (basic), OFFICE / Word / PPT / Excel, Photoshop (Intermediate), Premiere CC (advanced), Script Supervision, Theatre and Film Acting, Writing & Directing for Film


  • Woven Ventures
    Project Director
    2016 - Present

    Responsible for communication between members, employees and clients of the company for various project work. Clients include Comm Bank, Salvation Army, and many more.

  • C3 Oxford Falls
    Content Producer
    2013 - 2016

    Responsible for conceptualizing and creation of video and graphic segments for
    use within theatre-based productions and programs; planning, shooting, directing and editing
    segments for use online, and in live production weekly.

  • Macquarie University
    Video Editor
    2013 - 2013

    Designed graphics and edited together case study videos for live and online presentation.


  • C3 College
    Adv. Diploma in Screen Production
    2012 - 2014

Awards and Achievements

  • Top of Year Award

    Received the award for graduating top of my year overall

  • Top of Year Award

    Received the award for graduating at the top of my year


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Rebekah Regler
Education C3 College
Employer Woven Ventures
Location Sydney Australia


About Rebekah

Hi, I am Rebekah. I’ve been obsessed with stories since I was small enough to fit through the neighbours cat door - an accomplishment I carried with pride. A little while back now, of course... back when we rode our bikes, scampered up trees and had snail fights until the sun went down...

I'm always on the lookout for a problem to solve and love a good fast-paced challenge. Sometimes a bit too much, which is why I’ve always been told I should follow the family line of becoming a detective. While I love a good murder mystery story, I’d much rather capture it on film (not a real one!!!!)

A vagabond at heart, I’ve wandered here and there - until the TV & film industry caught me and gave my stories a home. I studied film at a humble little college in Sydney, and once I got a taste for it, I’ve never looked back.

I've been part of productions big and small, had a taste of nearly every role in production life, been in front of and behind camera's. Been involved all the way from pre to post production and love every bit of how stories come together. I now specialise in producing, filming, writing and screen editing.

I've discovered that the things we can do is limitless (if you don't count surviving in space without a suit)

If I've learned anything at all so far, it's that none of us can do anything that matters, alone.

Besides, what good is crossing the finish line victoriously when there's no one there to celebrate with you?

Nope...the story goes far beyond our little selves...

[inspirational music crescendos]

Fade to black

[credits role]




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