Mentos Mystery Flavour Reveal

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To drive mass awareness and trial of the latest Mentos Mystery gum, PLAY were tasked with launching the product in a unique and innovative way.
Basing our strategy around the idea of FOMO, research showed us that our target market of 18-25 year olds like to be the first to know about new things, so we decided to develop a campaign that rewarded curiosity.
On Mentos' Facebook page, Mentos announced that they had hidden 5k in a mystery location. To reveal it's whereabouts, users had to guess the mystery flavour on a Facebook app, which was tied to Google Maps. As more and more consumers guessed the mystery flavour, the map zoomed in closer to reveal the location. Once revealed, consumers were instructed to be the first at the location, with a Mentos product in hand and shout "Unwrap the Mystery' which prompted a celebration of the winner.

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