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1. The Art of Fighting without Fighting
Entry into the International Society of Typographic Designers, this publication was in response to the category “Everything about one thing”. The publication pays tribute to Bruce Lee and his philosophies. The 3 Coptic bound sections are in reflection of the core idea to Jeet Kune Do where the body is visualised as a triangle.

2. A Design Education Manifesto
A typographical response to Mitch Goldstein’s “A Design Education Manifesto” where the concept was to draw upon Goldstein’s idea of challenging the norm. Utilising Avenir, the bold and timeless design of the typeface highlights Goldstein’s perception of how students should approach the design process.

3. Transcend
Transcend is a typeface designed in response to a self-directed type project with guidance from type designer Dan Milne. Transcend is a humanist sans serif that embodies the readability of oldstyle Roman typefaces. Much of its characteristics have been influenced by other typefaces such as Cronos, Syntax, Scala Sans and Meta. Inspired by Cronos, Transcend appearance places a strong emphasis on calligraphic strokes and how the angle of the stroke affects its width.


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