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Long time friend, the ever stylish Candice DeVille, writer, blogger, model and vintage glamour girl, engaged Nuclear Studio in 2011 seeking to launch her self-titled website and relaunch her blog, Super Kawaii Mama.

The project began with the design of a range of printed marketing materials, in which the overall aesthetic was established. This then progressed into the design and development of the Candice DeVille website, showcasing a gallery, highlighting events and workshops and displaying services. The design of the website matched to luxurious feel of the printed marketing materials, deep back-on-black lux floral patterning, with stylised content frames. Carefully beveled and pin-striped to evoke a classic vintage era, whilst not overplaying the thematic tones. The base monochromatic blacks of the site accented only by a spartan use of darkened pastels, so as to not detract from the strong model photography throughout.

Upon completion of Candice's self-titled website, our attention moved to the relaunch of the famous blog Super Kawaii Mama. The website's long history amongst the blogosphere and sizable global readership that makes many a magazine weak at the knees, presented both an array of problems and opportunities.

Key constraints were that the visual tones and structure of the blog could not be altered too greatly in fear of alienating the readership; as in renovating rather than rebuilding, balanced against Candice's wish to create a greater visual impact and identity throughout the site.
Further considerations were also given to the impact of proposed changes upon the blog's search engine ranking, trend to more image and video driven postings, alongside a clear demand for multi-platform mobile device support and greater social networking integration.

With all these things in mind we successfully relaunched the blog, featuring key essences of the old site, whilst introducing a striking candy like theme inline with the Super Kawaii - translated "Super Cute" - style. Users can now navigate the blog's categories and archives easier and the readership is enticed by the more visually engaging experience.


Super Kawaii Mama

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