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Nuclear Studio has had the pleasure to work with the talented team at award winning Smarter Bathrooms since 2007, helping the company achieve strong growth within Melbourne's bathroom, kitchen and laundry renovation and building industry.

From humble beginnings of inheriting a somewhat broken website, Nuclear Studio and Blue Frog Marketing have worked together in building cohesive visual brands for the company that showcase their range of amazing bathroom and kitchen designs.

Where the websites and digital presence have been designed to create an integrated browsing experience as potential clients move between Bathrooms, Kitchens, Blog space, Landing pages, Social Marketing platforms and EDM's. Essentially creating a unified visual presence and unified message across all platforms.

Particular attention is also given to engaging with potential clients in new ways to address the ongoing challenge of attracting an increasing stream of leads, captured through the website. This works in tandem with a strong focus on search engine optimisation (SEO) of all digital touch-points, in maintaining a strong search engine ranking and traffic source.


Smarter Bathrooms

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