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Saffar approached Nuclear Studio in mid 2009 to discuss the redesign and launch of their company websites, Saffar Holdings and Saffar Capital.

Saffar, based in Dubai UAE, is a financial services company specialising in growth stage private equity opportunities throughout the Middle East.

Having worked with a range of clients across the financial sector for many years, on initial glance the project appeared quite straight-forward in approach. However, given the requirements to design the sites for both a global, but Middle East focused market, serving to both English and Arabic speakers, differing cultures, along with a range of other technical requirements, it quickly became clear this project would be a challenge.

The managing board sought a range of visual solutions to select from according to differing market ideologies, where one brief requested a conservative professional approach, whilst another requested a creative professional approach.

Ultimately, the final design proved an excellent middle-line between the two ideologies, creating an interesting layout with depth, complimentary visual hues and imagery, paired with clean lines accented by the visual motif of the 'saffar'; the middle-eastern sailing boat, oft-established icon of the UAE region by revolutionary architecture such as the Burj Al Arab.

The websites were built upon an enterprise-grade content management system (CMS) to facilitate Saffar's various requirements including English and Arabic language, private member's area and of course providing capability for internal staff to manage the sites' content.


Saffar Holdings

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