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In early 2012 Nuclear Studio met with the Australian distributors of world-renowned French fireplace manufacturer, Cheminées Philippe.

With over two centuries of history, Cheminées Philippe are unparalleled leaders in outstanding fireplace design, innovation and technology and are certainly the oldest brand I have had the pleasure of working with.

Given that their Australian presence were also celebrating achieving 30 years of business, they felt it an opportune time to redesign and redevelop their existing website in order to raise the brand's profile.

The project began in collaboration with the client in generating concepts for both an online and forth-coming print marketing campaign that would uphold a unified message.
Where the design of the website imbues a classic sensibility, meets modern innovation, reflecting Cheminées Philippe's rich history and status. This is achieved through a minimalistic approach with subtle hues of beige and charcoal as to not detract from the expansive image areas. Implied line alongside block tones were utilised in creating an almost invisible grid structure, that effortlessly guides the user through the website.

In developing the website I opted for HTML5 and small slices of CSS3 in creating a few subtle aesthetic effects, in combination with a custom interface (PHP) in order to catalogue and showcase the vast array of products and galleries. This resulted in a very light-weight codebase, as was necessary when balanced against the large file sizes of the crisp imagery; altogether achieving a rather beautiful and streamlined user experience.


Cheminees Philippe Australia

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