Art Direction, Designing, Drawing, Illustation, Illustraition, Illustratation, Illustrator, InDesign, Packaging, Photoshop, Print Design, Scribbling, Typography


  • Pinstripe Creatvie
    Junior Graphic Designer
    2015 - 2016


  • Western Sydney University
    design (visual communication)
    2009 - 2013

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Nicole Astudillo
Education Western Sydney University
Employer Pinstripe Creatvie
Location Melbourne Australia


About Nicole

I’m Nicole, graphic designer and illustrator living in Australia. I’m 24 with a completed degree in design (visual communication) under my belt. Young and passionate with fresh new ideas. I am eager to prove myself.

A hard worker, my appetite for life informs my design work. I will deliver strong ideas through my work and I will push to have something original, on brief, in the end. I’m inspired by the world’s vastness and temporality, and I believe design should be like this.

As a designer I am forever growing and learning, and I know that with every project I do, I become better. My experiences come from working full time at Pinstripe Creative, corporate design studio, as well as working at MGroup Inc a brand service agency and maker of Poster Magazine, Rabbit Hole, University of Western Sydney’s in-house design studio, and more. All these experiences have given me real-world insight into design and how to interact with other professionals of various disciplines. It also allowed me to see how design can become a tool for change in our society, and the fulfilment that comes from doing so. It is because of these experiences and from other personal inspirations that I have become a designer who makes things for personal aesthetic reasons, to capture interest for a brand/event and to create awareness.

I see design as a melting pot of old minds, young minds and odd minds, always mixing together to keep design exciting and new. If you’re interested in my mind, do get in touch!




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