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A collection of wearable objects that investigate the value systems that are held for gemstones. The systems examined include the hegemonic values of scale, carat, colour, and the clarity. However, the main focus was an exploration of the mineral makeup and the form of the stones.

The analysis of these values have been explored through the interchanging of natural and synthetic stones as well as the form of the gems from rough unfinished and cut, polished stones.

The setting design is a development from the Stacked Series and Sparkle Series. The gems were scaled down and nestled into the layers in the rings. The stones are integrated into the ring shank and within the band of the bangles. The gems force the line of the layer to detour, which results in all the layers to compensate and to readjust.

The setting style alludes to the origin of the stones themselves, as though being plucked from rock strata.

Titanium, Almandine Garnets, Simulated Garnets, Black Spinels, 2012
Rings L25 W25 H18mm - L29 W25 H5mm
Bangles L75 W73 H10mm - L90 W78 H20mm


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