Audio, Audio Engineering, Composition, Digital Media, Drawing, Illustrator, InDesign, Live Performance, Music, Packaging, Photoshop, Print Design, Social Media & Digital Strategies, Sound Editor, Visual Arts


  • Nipro Australia
    Inhouse Graphic Designer
    2015 - Present

    Marketing Collateral for TRUEcare Diabetes & The Naked Sack.
    Also working on occasional Social Media material for TRUEcare Diabetes.


  • opencolleges
    Graphic Design
    2016 - 2018
  • Macquarie University
    Undergrad B Arts Maj Contemporary Music
    2010 - 2014

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Stephanie Garin-moran
Education opencolleges
Macquarie University
Employer Nipro Australia
Location Sydney Australia


About Stephanie

Graphic Design Student at OpenColleges.
Have been working on Design projects since 2006 for schools, University student groups, etc.

I speak English, Spanish & Japanese with fluency, Korean & French to a certain extent. Also learning Dari & Arabic.

Salaams yo.




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