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Mountain Watch: an iPhone app for snow boarders.

The app display the trails based on gestures of the user while providing real-time info about trail availability, level and whether it has been completed.

The feature I focused on was on the interaction between the user trail information.

The main functionality of this feature is to display the corresponding graded trails based on user interaction. The feature utilises intuitive user gestures to filter information and display it. The gesture is a scrolling moment from left to right or up to down. This has the advantage of displaying the trail intuitively and very quickly and not requiring full concentration as the app may be used in situations on the snowfield.

How it works:
The first time the user touches the map the user is given instructions and forced to learn how the scroll function works. Instructions are given in the form of captions by the snowboarder and then both fade away once this is completed. Long press on the map activates the scroll control. User moves finger from one side to the other side and the corresponding trails are shown. There are 4 levels; easy, intermediate, advanced and expert.

Mountain trail icon:
The user is able to select more than one trail simultaneously. This function allows the users to display more than one trail at a time. For example the easy and intermediate trail.

Hotspots on the map.
Tapping on the trail provides users with detailed visuals of the trail. Along with key data such as whether the trail is open, gradient, average speed, dangerous spots, 3D view of trail, comments by other users as well as a carousel of photos posted. Users can get back to the trail home page by swiping away the information box.

Plan your day: “The trails you want to ride at a glance.”
This function allows users to pick and choose the trails to ride today. Mountain Watch will give directions on how to get to them, tick them off as they are completed and records statistics such as trails completed and completion times.

Tap the trails in order. The user presses the submit order button. A list is generated with all the trails to be completed.

Trail riding instructions: “Listen to trail riding instructions as you ride down the trail.”
Using GPS technology Mountain Watch calculates the optimum time and angles to make the most time efficient turns on the trail and communicates this to the user via sound (headphones).


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