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Last march 2013, I was commissioned with 3 other graphists/matte painters by François Abelanet - a talented artist known for producing amazing street art - to make giants anamorphosis.

François Abelanet still has great performance to his credit. I invite you to check his website or this link :


An anamorphosis, based on Wikipedia, is "a distorted projection or perspective requiring the viewer to use special devices or occupy a specific vantage point to reconstitute the image".

The illusion in our case is revealed when you're on a certain angle on stairs.


Each graphist had to make one anamorphosis. There was a very big one and 3 "small" to do. The biggest is more than 4,000 square meters (43,055.64 sq ft) and the 4 together are 6000 square meters (about 26 tennis courts !!). With that size, the biggest anamorphosis of the set became on 7th July 2013 the biggest anamorphosis in the world.

The all event append during the 6th and 7th on July in Lyon, France, on the Place Bellecour (mainplace of the town).


6000 square meters, 10km of seams, 2,5 kilometers of zip, 8 billions of pixels, a world record = a cool event !


Please click on my Behance link to see the steps and more images !

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Awards and Achievements

  • Biggest Anamorphosis of the World
    Guinness Book World Record


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