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  • Digital Writing / Editing 1


Advertising, Blogging, Copywriting, Creative, Culture, Digital, Editing, Ethical, Fashion, Fashion & Apparel, Features, Film, Interview, Interviewing, Journalism


  • Citizens of the World
    Freelance Writer
    2015 - Present

    As freelance writer for the online magazine Citizens of the World, I regularly contribute articles about culture and travel.

  • 10 ft Tall Advertising Agency
    Freelance copywriter
    2014 - Present

    As freelance writer for 10 ft Tall advertising agency, I write online copy for a variety of clients from a range of different industries, including real estate, home wares, and social services.

    2014 - Present

    As a freelance writer, I craft online content for advertising agencies and communications companies based in Melbourne. My work requires me to research, write and edit various online posts, including social media blasts, blogs and articles. The pieces I deliver are creative, informative, and engaging, usually ranging from 800-1000 words in length. Online content is always written with search engine optimisation in mind.

  • Weave Web Communications
    2014 - Present

    As a writer for Weave Web Communications, I am involved in writing online content for small Australian businesses. My work sees me researching, writing and editing ongoing articles for clients, as well as for Weave's website. Writing topics I blog about include: branding, marketing, communications, and advertising. I am also involved in writing internal documents for the company, as well as editing pieces before they are published online. Working for Weave Web Communications has also honed my skills in search engine optimisation (SEO).

  • Fairfax Media
    Head of Features
    2015 - 2016

    While with Fairfax Media I helped to develop and implement programs to build community engagement, through contributing content to speciality publications.

    My responsibilities at Fairfax Media saw me producing relevant and engaging content for diverse audiences across various communities and platforms.

  • AMA Queensland
    2009 - 2010

    As a media and communications Intern and writer at AMA Queensland, I researched and edited various media releases for the company on an ongoing basis.

    I was also responsible for researching and writing articles about current medical industry news, including topics such as the Swine Flu epidemic, and vaccinations in schools.


  • RMIT University
    Associate Degree of Professional Writing & Editing
    2013 - 2014

Awards and Achievements

  • Finalist of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival's Cultural Program Fashion Writing Series 2015

    As a finalist of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival's Cultural Program Writing Series 2015, I will be mentored by Dana Thomas of Harper's Bazaar France.

    The opportunity has allowed me to write blog posts and articles for the festival on an ongoing basis.


📖 Past Clients

  • Collective Envy
    Digital Writing / Editing

    In my role as Senior Content Editor for the eCommerce business Collective Envy, I was responsible for the following:

    • Writing all brand copy
    • Writing original luxury product descriptions
    • Proofreading copy for clarity, accuracy and consistency of style
    • Rewriting content post editing
    • Developing monthly content themes, long-term content plans that support and enhance brand marketing campaign
    • Researching, pitching, producing, writing, and editing blog stories and features that represent and elevate the spirit of the Collective Envy brand
    • Seamlessly integrating merchandising messages into compelling content stories that act as marketing across all platforms
    • Creating and overseeing a consistent brand look and voice for social media platforms

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Kathryn Carter
Education RMIT University
Employer Citizens of the World
Location Melbourne Australia




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