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Advertising, Architectual Photography, Art Direction, Art Photography, Branding, Branding & Identity Design, Commercial Photography, Digital Content, Digital Imaging, Drawing, Editing, Editorial, Editorial Fashion, Film, Food Photograghy


  • Showroom Brisbane
    Media Co-oordinator
    2015 - Present

  • Yelp
    Yelp Photographer
    2015 - 2015

    Campaign & Event Photographer


  • Southbank Institute of TAFE
    Cert III Design Fundamentals: Photography
    2015 - 2015
  • Southbank Institute of TAFE
    Cert III Design Fundamentals: Graphic Design (Attendance)
    2015 - 2015

📖 Past Clients

  • Showroom Brisbane

    Media co-ordinator, photographer, graphic designer, shop staff & PA.

  • Yelp

    Campaign & Event photographer.

  • Broadsheet Media

    Event and Food photographer.

  • lululemon athletica Australia/NZ

    Event & Campaign photographer.

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Anwyn Howarth
Education Southbank Institute of TAFE
Southbank Institute of TAFE
Employer Showroom Brisbane
Location Brisbane Australia


About Anwyn

My name is Anwyn. The pronunciation takes a few goes, / ‘uhn - w (h) en/ is how it’s meant to be said, but I normally explain it by saying that it sounds like ‘Arwen’ from Lord of the Rings but with an extra ‘n‘. It’s a little unique, but then so am I so I suppose we make a good team. There’s only so much you can know about a person by their first name however, so allow me to share a few things about myself.

I was born on the 27th of May, 1998 in the sleepy town of Armidale, NSW. I have lived in Brisbane for 17 years now and call it home. Throughout the years, my creative tendencies have manifested themselves in various ways. Firstly in scrapbooking with mum when I was little, then in painting and drawing for art projects, then to starting a tiny card making business and making some pocket money off some blessed relative willing to donate a few dollars for some second-rate greeting cards in the name of “supporting the next generation”. At this point, my work evolved from cutting and gluing to strumming and singing, when my sister and I decided to form a band and DIY our debut EP. It was during this time that I came into possession of a DSLR camera. My first official client as a photographer asked me to join her in her new enterprise "Showroom" almost immediately. The work I’ve received from and as a result of my employment there has grown and stretched me, both creatively and personally, and has led to many opportunities to work with some pretty spectacular trail-blazers in and around Brisbane including Matthew Shea of Broadsheet, Lani Pauli of Yelp, Lululemon, Matthew Haynes of Analogue Digital, Rita Braby of AAA Backstage, Kiss The Berry, Fabienne from YCL and The Dark Horse Jewellery to name a few.

In February 2016 I was commissioned by TAFE New England to shoot a series of Course Career Guides on a PR tour of the New England region. This trip, I feel, is what truly put my acquired skills and knowledge to the test. I was required to provide a professional service to a government owned institution, working long hours and keeping in constant communication with the marketing team. It was during this time I realised that I thrive under pressure. The need to push my boundaries is what drives me to achieve greater things.

I am a fast learning, go-getting, picture taking, coffee drinking, music making, Sean O'Connel wannabe. In the words of Rod Kimble, "I can handle it."




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