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Completed while at TRACTOR, we recieved a brief from Reverse Garbage asking three things: that we generated awareness of Reverse Garbage itself, promoted reuse, and also engaged the public in a meaningful way.

To answer this challenge I created Local Reworks. In a nutshell, it’s a community driven initiative that would work to refresh neglected spaces within local communities with tangible AND functional pieces of reuse inspiration. This would live online on a microsite, and offline, within the community itself.

We all know of spaces within our local communities that have been neglected, are unsafe or just plain ugly and these are types of spots that Reverse Garbage would help with.

The spaces are crowd sourced - members of the public can contribute their suggestion for spots that they would like to see refreshed with just a photo and an explanation why. It could be as simple as recreating benches to breathe new life into an old park, or even a light installation that helps people feel safer on their walk home from work at night. People add their ‘project’ to a specialised map, dropping a pin on the corresponding spot, and then share it with their friends utilising social networks, word of mouth and email.

Local Reworks also allows people to explore, share, and vote on all projects that have been uploaded to see what’s been put up for consideration, what’s being created currently, but can also explore for pure inspiration.

Essentially votes equal ‘people-power’. The more votes a project gets, the more likely Reverse Garbage can lobby and work with the respective local council to create a solution that not only helps the community, but also generates awareness of Reverse Garbage amongst a whole new set of people who can see, learn from, and interact with reuse in their day-to-day lives.

What we end up with are unique public pieces that inspire people to engage with reuse and Reverse Garbage as a community, but also as individuals, applying it to their own personal projects at home.


  • sangrok

    Sangrok Lee 05/07/13

    Great job!

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