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Commercial photographs taken of Melbourne based fashion designer Erin Coster 2011 summer line 'Avant Raj'


Post apocalyptic, a world without sun, the atmosphere tainted by the smog of a nuclear winter, Smokey, atomic greens, a darker palette and femme fatales.
Avant Raj by fashion designer Erin Coster was inspired by the colonization of British India, a mixture of military and exotic garment designs and colours. I took the idea of the military and the militia and created three femme fatales existing in a post consumerist, post apocalyptic, post human world. Three beautiful mutants dominating a rule-less world of chaos and horror. The three each have a distinguished identity which creates a fantasy narrative bordering on the sci fi: the leader, an aviator human who has a retro steam-punk edge, a dominant, in control and beautiful woman who gathers this trio of misfits to be able to survive in this hostile environment. There is the necromancer or the witch, an exotic creature with mystic powers, she is both beautiful and deadly. Finally there is the goul or the mutant, one of them that is human enough to bridge the gap between ‘goodie’ and ‘badie’ and join the group. The goul is the grey area between light and darkness and represents a confusing and conflicting void between sexual and monstrous –an identity-less warrior with the body of a human and the head of a creature.
For me, Avant Raj is about a new type of colonization, the existence and power of the individual and the reinterpretation of the ‘nuclear family’ within a post society epoch.


  • mattolucas

    Matto Lucas 20/06/11

    ah fantastic! cheers! :D

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