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  • Illustration 3


Acrylic, Action, Animals, Comic Book, Conceptual, Editorial, Fantasy, Landscape, Mixed media, People, Photoshop, Watercolor

Awards and Achievements

  • Silver, Illustrators Australia Awards

    Self Promotional category.

  • Society of Illustrators Annual 54

    Exhibited in Sequential Art annual show, for 'Lion Dancers' Comic.

  • Lord Mayor’s Creative Writing Awards

    Shortlisted, Comic Category

  • Top 3 Artistic Innovators

    Anthill Business Magazine

  • QANTAS Spirit of Youth Award Shortlist

    Top 10 Visual Artists

  • Creative Catalyst

    Creative Sydney Festival

  • Design NSW Travelling Scholarship

    Worldwide professional development trip to work under some of the world's leading illustrators and comic creators. Awarded by Arts NSW, British Council and Powerhouse Museum for Sydney Design Festival.

  • Cut & Paste Digital Design Competition



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Matt Huynh
Location Brooklyn USA


About Matt

MATT HUYNH is a Sydney born illustrator and comic creator. Huynh began self-publishing to put more of the kind of comics that he wanted to read and see on the shelves. Matt’s visual narratives aim to share stories from overlooked worlds, whether reporting claw machine subculture for Performance Space Carriageworks, Chekovian steampunk adventures for Seymour Centre, or the history of mathematics for Powerhouse Museum Publishing. Creative Sydney Festival named him one of the most innovative contributors to Sydney’s culture for his documentary graphic novel CAB, depicting true stories from his childhood suburban Sydney migrant community.

In 2009, Matt undertook a worldwide professional development trip to work with some of the world’s leading illustrators, comic creators and publishers under the Design NSW Travelling Scholarship. From 2010-2011, Matt undertook a year long commitment to create an original body of work to coincide with every season, culminating in the exhibition of a nine meter charcoal scroll, paintings and mixed media work in the Australian Museum, Books Kinokuniya, Paper Mill Gallery, and Lamington Drive Gallery. Matt documented a Chinatown martial arts troupe in an eleven meter reportorial comic strip launching at the Sydney Opera House for the 2011 Graphic Festival.

He is currently developing a large scale marble public artwork with the Popperbox artists collective and an original graphic novel all on his lonesome. View more of his illustrations at the Jacky Winter Group.


“Huynh has emerged as one of the most insightful, creative and perhaps diverse illustrators of our generation.”
- Two Thousand

“As always, Matt Huynh continues to surprise and impress with his exploration of new graphic novel material in the Australian context…there’s never been one like this before – one that redefines what’s possible in this form of media”
- Inkspot, Australian Cartoonists Association Official Journal

“There’s a theory that to master a craft one must accrue 10,000 hours of experience in a chosen field…Sydney based artist Matt Huynh has arguably already put in his 10,000 hours, the illustrator and comic aficionado has been creating his own strips and books since childhood.”
- The Blackmail

“How would you pitch Matt Huynh? Like Moebius working for Jodorowsky, Katsuhiro Otomo and every cover of every Phillip K Dick and J G Ballard novel.”
- Three Thousand

“Matt Huynh…is an illustrator extraordinaire and general person who gets their shit done. Not only is he nice, and that he had the good sense to ditch law at Sydney Uni, Huynh is that rare breed of artist who’s not scared or even impressed by critical language, and he seems well at home in ways of writing.”
- The Drum Media

“The images on display are urban in stylistic vocabulary and dreamy by virtue of their familiar unreality: everything is recognisable, but something is a little off, with a vague sense of threat coming through the impossible spaces and proportions of the scenes and their disengaged, childlike inhabitants. There’s an allusive, pre-conscious feel to the symbolism here that is very well served by being put in the Skeleton Gallery context of explicable monstrum and scary storms.”
- Concrete Playground

“The location is perfect for Matt’s return to a subconscious and primitive approach to image making, with his never-before-seen illustration series, “Asperatus”. The starkly desaturated illustrations in ink, charcoal, paint and gesso portray visual narratives with a reliance upon instinct, intuition, waking dreams and chance. Matt’s imagery is haunting. With an uneasy tension between individual characters and elements, his unnatural environments possess both a stillness and a sense of creeping change – as if each illustration is morphing while nobody’s looking.”
- Indie Art & Design

“Matt Huynh pays homage to this fleeting season through ‘Aurora,’ a single, large-scale charcoal and pigment drawing on 100% water colour paper. This drawing is of such epic proportions that it runs the entire length of the gallery.”
- (small)LUST

“Highlighting dark tones throughout the series with disturbing, surrealistic imagery to highlight relatable feelings and everyday life, the artist leaves much depth in each piece to be explored by the viewer”
- awe50me




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