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3D animation, 3D Computer Animation, 3ds Max, Animation, Architect 3d Design Studio, Architectual Visualisation, Architectura Rendering, Architectural 3D Animations, Architectural 3D Flythrough, Architectural Perspectives, Art Direction, Photoshop, TV, Vray Lighting, Vray rendering

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Matt Fonda
Location Sydney Australia


About Matt

3D Visualisation Specialist.
Concept Designer and Creative Director.
Every day I dedicate myself to producing some Australia’s best Architectural Visualisations and building a talented team of artists who share my passion for great 3D.

My career, like myself has evolved and grown over time. This role did not exist when I was at school, so I spent some years searching for expression in the built environment as a draftsman then engineer before discovering my way as an artist, now designer and director. What I couldn't see back then was that I would end up pursuing something I love so much. This isn't work. It is my medium.

The pre-built world of visualisations is a world of exploration and a link to the future. My journey has served me well as I have developed a knowledge of the way materials behave in reality and the economics of construction, a rare insight in the visualisation community. Therefore, I measure the mastery of my craft not just on the final image, but the integrity of the collaborative process. I believe that renders should not just aspire to realism, but rather convey design with such beauty they become a complete argument for the built form.

With over a decade’s experience in managing the visualisation process, working with international Architects, Developers, Real Estate Agencies, and TV Production, I've learnt how to bring out the best in a team and deliver peace of mind to clients. A love of art, architecture, technology and education is what drives me, and with the amazing advancements I have seen over my career, there really is limitless possibility.....




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