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For the last two years of my career I have been focused on textile prints, although my formal education is Graphic Design and my major, typography. After these two years working on patterns, I felt the urge of combining my illustration skills with my passion for typography. This artwork is the result of my first attempt combining surface patterns with typography.

I love tomatoes and I like vodka, so obviously Bloody Mary is always my cocktail of choice. I thought of this funny idea combining a pattern made out of the basic ingredients of the cocktail accompanied by the alternative popular saying "a Bloody Mary a day keeps the doctor away".

Pattern: Handmade line art using a 0.38 and 0.50 ballpoint pens. Pattern retouched and coloured in Photoshop. Hand-drawn lettering, vectorised in Illustrator with hand-drawn details added on top.

Ballpoint pens to draw individually all elements of the pattern. Retouched and coloured in Photoshop and final lay-out in Illustrator. The base for the lettering is my own calligraphy using a ruling pen and walnut ink. After that, using 0.38 ballpoint pen I added weight. Then, I scanned the hand lettering and vectorised the letterforms using Illustrator. As a final step, I added hand-drawn details on top of the lettering to make it more human and less computer-perfect.

Every element of the pattern has been drawn at around 15x15cm on tracing paper. The final layout is done in Illustrator at about 70x100cm canvas. The lettering has been hand-drawn at a DIN A-4 size. The current artwork is a limited edition of 200 art prints in a range of different sizes. Currently I am adapting the pattern into a limited edition silk scarf under my own design label.

Hope you'll enjoy it!



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