TagMe; Painting Graffiti in the Virtual World

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'Tag Me; Painting Graffiti in the Virtual World' is my honours project at university. It is a study into how we can translate the act of painting graffiti into something virtual, as a response and alternative to vandalism.

The current damage to property from graffiti costs the government approximately $200 million /yr in Australia, and $12 billion /yr in the United States. This makes it a social issue, one I am looking to find solutions to through design.

In order to be successful, the project needs to keep in mind it's demographic; how current graffiti offenders will be convinced to partake in the alternatives it presents. It is therefore a strong user based design problem, with an emphasis on studying the psychology behind the people partaking in it, in the research stage and beyond. The final output to be released is a site-specific social-media type app that users can create and share art within.


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Lauren Hutchins


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