Design, Educational Psychology, Illustrator, InDesign, Information Architecture, Office, Photoshop, PowerPoint, User Exerience


  • UNSW Art and Design
    2013 - Present

    Bachelor of Design (Hons) / Bachelor of Art Education

  • Hornsby RSL
    Waitress and Bartender
    2017 - 2017


  • UNSW Art and Design
    Bachelor of Design (Hons) / Bachelor of Art Education
    2013 - 2017

Awards and Achievements

  • Honours Student


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Lauren Hutchins
Education UNSW Art and Design
Employer UNSW Art and Design
Location Sydney Australia


About Lauren

Currently studying a Bachelor of Design (Hons), with a major in Graphic Design, along with a Bachelor of Art Education. Combining these two degrees, I am interested in creating virtual platforms through which Visual Design can connect with and educate people or consumers. Specifically, the field of UX Design.

My work is often a hybrid of mediums and methods, whether that be art, painting, photography, or anything else that speaks to us through sight. I encompass whichever techniques I need to in order to put forward graphic works that are exciting, unique, engaging, and accessible to users.




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