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Bell and Browne’s fosters an idea of nurturing a community within inner city Adelaide. B&B will contribute as a community imbued with creativity and individuality, embracing a trend of not quite being trendy. On the ground level, clusters of specialty stores embody a culture of organic food, literature, moustaches and fixies.

The Kitchen is both meeting place and respite that tempts you with locally sourced produce fresh from the producer’s gardening mits. The menu is by whim of The Kitchen staff and seasonal availability, so expect frequent menu changes. In food, not staff. Your barista looks forward to remembering your daily double shot half soy vanilla latte.

Upload and offload your custom bicycle requirements at Pedal to the Metal. Uber experienced handlers can build you a colour-coded bicycle to match your shoes, repair the rattly bits, tidy it up and send you on your eco-way. Or, if you are still in need of your fixie fix, stick around and do your own repairs in the community workshop for those sans tools or who just wish to talk sprockets.

Tackle the tickle in The Barber’s Shop, where a traditional trim, wet shave and (dare we say it) man pamper is offered alongside quality hair and shaving accessories for that dapper gentleman and his mo.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover is a novel way to find a novel; a place of literary reverberation that skims across book cover and broadsheet with an eclectic spread of locally brewed zine’s and magazines alike, popular fiction, newspapers from all over and those nifty penguins. The staff are quick to recommend; they have read everything.

Dress me up is a discovery space for emerging design talent and creativity. The three spaces are interchangeably collective/individual with affordable rental options for the often penny counting creative. They can produce and sell their wares and wears as part of exclusive limited runs or as a series of single one-off delights- shop talk for wonderfully accidental creations.


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