Strange Face - Box Boundary

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Produced for large projection screen in Dandenong, Melbourne as part of Nocturnal 2013

Conceptual Framework
Burqas, Veils and Hoodies provides a conceptual framework for Nocturnal 2013. A range of materials, particularly fabric has been used throughout human history to hide, protect, emphasise or suggest an object and to cover the face, head or body. Artists, magicians, healers, designers and architects have used techniques of veiling to evoke, conceal, protect and layer the body, buildings, objects, places and spaces. Materials that mask, veil and wrap have been used as ritual, spatial and visual devices to abstract the real, highlight the seen and the unseen, show non-areas, conceal change
and transform.

Artist Response
These images explore the concept of the veil through a series of performative acts. Each act deals with a different type of materiality exploring its form and texture. The boundaries of the box, the soft falling wool, the taught tension of fabric. On the projection screen, I actively disconnect myself from the audience forming a barrier. Due to my scale and vibrant red veil, I undoubtedly hold a sense of control and power over my audience, which is contrasted the feeling of being in the veil - lost and unable to see.


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Lauren Skogstad


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