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Foundry is an art and design magazine from Uni project that serves to be a platform for students as well as professionals to seek inspirations from. The magazine title itself, ‘Foundry’, is an abbreviation of Found and Discovery, which becomes the tagline of the magazine: ‘A world in between Found and Discovery’. Foundry is a magazine that allows readers to find and discover ideas, inspirations and creativity, as well as giving designers the opportunity to showcase their ideas and to be found.

Derived from its own meaning, foundry is a process of casting metal. In this sense, Foundry accentuates the idea of ‘process’ as the main concept of the style, which is explored in the world of black and white, where Foundry serves to cater the art and beauty in minimalism and simplicity.

One of the most noticeable features in the spreads is the big margin around the article. This communicates ‘the beauty of nothingness’, a white space border that gives room to breathe as well as to focus and direct the readers to the articles. Another feature is the constant elements of dots and hyphens as the style and navigation of the magazine, which are taken from the masthead features. The idea is to explore the iconic characteristic of simple shapes.


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Kristina Grasiella Widjaya


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