m.U.C - Maglev Urban Commuter Project

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The urban environment is continuously expanding. By 2030, the population of the urban areas would increase to 8.1 billion(60% of the world population).

As the future mega cities become highly dense and more complex, the transportation system of the urban area requires high efficiency . The growing demand of mobility from large city population leads to two urgent problems: the shortage of fossil fuels and limitation of urban space.

In the near future, intelligent, efficient and lightweight vehicles will be under the spotlight. This project aims to develop a futuristic inner city vehicle which is not only efficient, but also capable of creating a harmonious and intelligent link between the people and the traffic.

‘m.U.C’-maglev Urban Commuter, a tandem 1+1 electric concept commuter for metropolitan areas will be a glimpse forward into the future. The two-wheeler design will solve the mounting problems of urban car transportation.

‘m.U.C’ is propelled by maglev motors in each of wheels as well as dynamic stabilization technology empowers in it. In addition, ‘m.U.C’ is supported to operate autonomously or under manual control.

It has the potential to leading a trendsetter for a new way of mobility. As a ‘pod’ where people can relax and enjoy an alternative driving experience, the new vehicle is also presented with a futuristic outlook which fits in the hi-tech future.



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