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Internship Job Ad
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Graphic Designer
No salary but inc. expenses
Skills Required
Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Typography & Layout, Conceptual Thinking, Self Confidence


Sydney, 2010
New South Wales, Australia

Work Experience Designer

Sydney, New South Wales

So you like making things huh? You're studying/not studying/doing not-fun things, and you're ready to get experience on some serious work, for some serious clients, in a (mostly) serious environment? Well, pack up that occasionally creepy attention to detail, round up your favourite typeface, and ship your design talents over this way, because we're looking for a creative "Maker-of-Cool-Things" to join in our shenanigans and get some A-Grade design experience along the way.

Shenanigans you ask? It's technically Advertising/Creative Strategy/Branding/Crypto/a whole lot more, and you'll have the chance to be part of it all.

From nailing big campaign strategy to developing timeless commercial masterpieces; we tackle any problem that gets thrown our way and pride ourselves on doing a damn fine job of it. If youâre looking to soak up experience from the talent fountain of an award winning agency, then this is the place for you and your sponge brain.

Learning from some of the best creative minds in the business isn't a light task; you'll be pushing your pencil to the limit to produce some of your best work, and that takes something special. You'll be assisting our creative team in developing design concepts and solutions for a range of projects, including print and digital campaigns, illustration, animation & motion graphics, video editing, web design and branding.

Main responsibilities will include:

  • Working closely with our Art and Creative teams to develop design & creative solutions
  • Attending briefings and involve yourself in the creative process across multiple projects
  • Participate in brainstorming sessions to contribute ideas and feedback
  • Pitching ideas and designs internally to develop presentation skills
  • Actively contributing to social marketing by sharing relevant online content, and developing creative content
  • Participating in (often childish, but mostly productive) office banter
  • Petting doggos

The ability to design the heck out of your sister's birthday invite isn't all we're after; we want someone a little different, someone who can slam the pixels where they need to go and then smash them back up again and write a song with the pieces. We want you to be curious, self-motivated, and always up for a challenge if you're going to come out with the title.

These things will help you go the distance:

  • Currently studying, or completed a degree in Design or Visual Communication
  • Experience with the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign primarily)
  • Mac fingers
  • A pretty decent understanding of what an 'Ad' is
  • A super eye for detail
  • Strong work ethic and time management skills
  • 2-3 free days a week for "fun stuff"
  • Enough curiosity to wipe out the entire feline population

We're all about passion baby, and you're going to need it, so tell us what crazy thing you'd be doing if you weren't sitting around obsessing over that Bezier curve, and we'll give you a reason to keep obsessing.

Oh, these other things would also be nice:

  • Portfolio of work
  • CV

Sound cool? Cool cool cool. Shoot your application across via email.

This job is now expired.

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