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Job Type
Internship Job Ad
Job Level
Strategist / Planner
Skills Required
Visual Communication, Creative Thinking, Social Media & Digital Strategies, Organisation & Multi-Tasking, Team Work / Independent, Communication (Verbal & Written), Marketing & Brand


Sydney, 2009
New South Wales, Australia

Brand Strategy Intern

Sydney, New South Wales

Are you a young strategist wannabe? A recent marketing, communications or design graduate looking to test the waters; someone who wants to transform people and brands, and be involved in growing a young business?

Here at MamaTray HQ we're on the hunt for an intern who's bursting-with-ideas, ready to rumble, and also, a bit of a content marketing guru to complete us.

We want someone with a hankering for Strategy, an interest in the alchemy of Mentoring, and a fascination with the transformative powers of a Confidante. That's because here at MamaTray we offer a mix of all those skills.

We define our brand purpose as: "Pointing you in the right direction" - where 'you' equals both real human peeps trying to get ahead in life, as well as business people who develop and manage brands and cultures.

In your time with us, you'll be helping out across our full range of services, from planning and developing our social media content, analysing and reporting the stats, and working with us to think up innovative ways to grow our audience. On top of this, you'll be involved in conducting desk research, brainstorming and ideating, and an admin task here and there.

You'll get your own mentoring session, as well as specialised on-the-job strategy training - unlike any other! By the end of your stint with us, armed with a diverse skill set, you'll feel pointed in the right direction yourself!

If you think this role is screaming your name so loud you can't get to the keyboard fast enough, please contact Angie on: angie[at]mamatray[.com].

This job is now expired.
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