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New South Wales, Australia

Creative Printmaker Internship

Sydney, New South Wales

The Distillery is a letterpress and design studio currently in North Sydney, and soon to be in Darlinghurst. We're helping lead a revival, and have a mission to spread the love of letterpress in Australia! We provide commercial letterpress design, printing, and specialty finishing services to designers, creative studios, and those who love paper and tactile beauty. Wedding invitations, stationery, business cards, coasters and speciality packaging are some of the pieces we love crafting each day! Since opening our doors last year, we have experienced crazy growth. We're now looking for two talented people to join our team and complete a paid internship as a Creative Printmaker. Creative Printmaking ======================== So this is how we see the commercial design industry today; Broadly, there's two camps: digital and print. Digital is great, it's convenient and effective - but it's not for everything and everyone. And Print is dying - or is it? The Distillery believe in beautiful tactility. We're about creating real world creative design experiences, to help people differentiate through gorgeous ways and means. There's something really special about holding and feeling something in your hand. This is what we're about - leading in this field. Now this all sounds sweet, beautiful, relaxing and nice. And it is!... but it also isn't. The Distillery operate in a commercial creative environment. We seek to exceed our clients' expectations, we have to pay the bills, and hey... we're in SYDNEY... Joining The Distillery isn't for everyone. The boss (Nathan, who incidentally is writing this) works you hard. We play hard, and work harder (... yeah, I know). We're in this for the long-haul, and this involves not letting success, being a designer (and/or hipster) get to us. The work we do can sometimes be incredibly spectacularly frustrating - [...] when it works it is oh so rewarding (one eight of a sneeze feeling). Printmaking requires massively-massive-ginormous attention to detail, supreme communication skills, an easy-going attitude, and wicked/sarcastic/something-else-quirky sense of humour to survive. If you truly don't have all these skills, you won't enjoy working in our field. On a daily basis during your internship, you would be helping The Distillery prepare, print and finish beautiful client letterpress pieces. Specifically this would include: - running errands - pre-press preparation of electronic artwork - lots of cleaning the press - photopolymer plate-making - plate setting and registration - training to letterpress print - paper cutting and finishing - quality control and packaging During the Internship you would be paid, and would be required to work from our studio in Darlinghurst, for at least 3 full days a week for 3 continuous months. At completion of or during your internship, if all goes well and business circumstances justify, there is the chance of permanent employment. For more info, and to apply, please visit: [..]

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