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Full Time Job Ad
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Creative & Art Director
Skills Required
Advertising, TV, Art Direction, Design, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Sense of Humor, Leadership and Team Management, Copy & Script Writing Skills


New South Wales, Australia

Creative Director

Sydney, New South Wales

Are you a creative director or senior creative?

Ever had that sneaking feeling that maybe advertising is not all it’s made out to be and that maybe there is a higher purpose for your talents?

We’re an agency with a big difference. We only work with businesses, brands and people who do good. Things like sustainability, community and helping NGOs fight for a cause.

We’re 10 years old with an excellent creative profile and history. Now we need the right person to take it to the next level.

But we’re warning you, it won’t be easy.

On the plus side:

  • We’re founded on creativity and creatively driven, so if you have the idea, we’ll work as an agency to help make it happen
  • We have some daring clients. When you’re changing the world you have to be

On the challenging side:

  • we’re a smallish agency in the scheme of things, so you don't have the budgets or support of a big agency

Still reading? Great. Here’s who we’re looking for. You’ll need:

  • 7+ years agency experience. Enough to have learned the discipline of doing the pain to turn a good idea into a great one - then execute with excellence.
  • Preferably a writer background.
  • A conscience that is uncomfortable with the role of advertising in selling people stuff they don't need and is ready to use their powers for good.
  • The ability to come up with, spot or commission awesome ideas, then work with the team to execute them well too.
  • A sense of humour. Sustainability is too serious to be taken seriously, so we need a person who can bring the fun into saving the world.
  • The ability to run a team. As creative director, you set the tone and the standard. We have an excellent design team and also use freelancers so you need to manage the output across all kinds of creative.
  • The ability to teach. Our team is young and enthusiastic - great students need a great teacher.
  • The ability to learn. Selling sustainability is different to selling soap. We’ve learned a lot in our 10 years and we can open your eyes too.
  • To be able to deliver content across all sorts of media. We don't do a lot of classic ads, most of our work is across social, but we do a lot of print too. Being well versed in all media will help you a lot.
  • To be resourceful. In sustainability, the budgets ain’t big. On the plus side, people are on your side. They will share ideas for you. So the name of the game is come up with something inspiring and shareable and the world will do the rest.
  • To be rewarded by impact not awards. We love winning awards - but we’re more turned on by work that gets shared and changes the world. It’s all about the impact not the bling.

This job is now expired.

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