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Office Management, EA/PA skills, Microsoft Office, Diary and travel management, G Suite, Building presentations, Advertising Experience


Sydney, 2037
New South Wales, Australia

Business Executive Assistant to the CEO

Sydney, New South Wales

We're on the hunt for someone with roughly 1-2 years experience in the industry (Account-Coordinator role or similar) looking to take the next step in their career. As the CEO's sidekick, this fast-paced role is a vital part to the functioning of the business, exposing you to pitching & new business, the inner-workings of senior management, strategy, client facing duties, and other office related tasks.

Part of this application is a video interview. We know it's a little odd talking to a camera, but don't be put off, we're looking forward to getting to know you a little better! A link to the video interview platform will be shared with you upon application.

The Six Pillars Of Us (and hopefully you)

We Push Boundaries
We are looking for someone who is hungry to make a bigger contribution, and who is able to pick up new skills quickly (ie a lifelong learner). If something feels a little bit 'out there' or seems difficult to pull off, you will take the bull by the horns and give it your best shot. You don't quit easily!

We Get Shit Done
The successful candidate will have lots of examples of making things happen - quickly, smoothly and with an elegance that just can't be taught. Working calmly, efficiently and accurately is how you like to roll.

We Listen Profoundly
Helping people overcome difficulties is your superpower, because you listen profoundly to what people say they want, and then unearth information to help deliver what they actually need. You are patient with people who aren't always as organised as you. You are also good at anticipating potential calamity and steering the ship away from any submerged icebergs.

We Speak Our Minds
You're upbeat, confident, friendly and emotionally intelligent which means you're pretty good at speaking your mind. You should be totally at ease with face to face communication - you're a people person, not a leave-me-alone-I-have-my-headphones-on type.

We Look After Each Other
You relish working with a fun and friendly team and usually form tight relationships with people you work with. You are hard-wired to solve problems and bring a little bit of levity to work.

We Have Fun
We are obsessed with protecting and feeding our company culture. You should share this enthusiasm, and want to help us build a good humoured, collaborative, politically neutral team environment. We're looking for someone funny, curious and full of totally unfeasible ideas for cultural initiatives, who is prepared to make some of them happen!

Full Disclosure! Not everyone is right for us, or us for them.
We expect everyone to be commercially astute and fiscally responsible
Things move fast and change constantly. Get used to it!
We try not to hire (and don't tend to retain) divas, gossips or egomaniacs.
We expect our team to learn new skills, quickly.
We swear a lot.

This job is now expired.

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