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  • Graphic Design 1


Advertising, Art Direction, Design, Excel, Fashion, Illustrator, InDesign, Office, Photoshop, Visual Arts


  • SAI Designs
    Mid-Weight Freelance Graphic Designer
    2013 - Present

    I work part time as a freelance graphic designer for this company. I get work on a weekly basis. I specialise in branding, brochure/flyer designs, invitations, stationery and web design. I am known for my creative, soft and elegant style of visual communication and for my well developed branding concepts that resonate with clients.

    2010 - 2014

    This is my own company that I started in 2009. I do freelance design and photography for a range of clients. www.jessiecreative.com
    Contact | Client, Nicky, nicola@furstclassproductions.com.au

  • Gillie and Marc Art
    Graphic Designer
    2013 - 2014

    Organising gallery stock, communicating with clients, overseas suppliers and handling administration. Also completing design tasks such as logo design, postcard design and preparing files for web design. Managing the companies social media sites and Wordpress content management system. Designing and sending weekly HTML emails to the client database. Contact | Gillie, studio@gillieandmarc.com

    Junior Designer
    2014 - 2012

    Included a diverse range of design tasks across the board such as logo design, stationary design (letterheads, envelopes, flyers), Christmas cards, basic packaging, pre-press, real estate advertisements and much more. Contact | Virginia, info@onedaydesigns.com.au

    Design Internship
    2012 - 2012

    Working behind the scenes on shoots, generating logo design and doing market research. Contact | Noemie, noemie@eskimodesigns.com.au

    Advertising Internship
    2012 - 2012

    Included learning about the advertising process, from concept to production and working extensively on the companies Christmas campaign. Contact | Jay, Jeronimo.DeLeon@havasww.com

    Production Assistant
    2009 - 2009

    2009, freelance work.
    Position | Production Assistant
    Company | Nowscreen Communications Advertisment Firm
    Participated in the casting process for advertisements. Worked in production organising and pulling together projects from beginning to end. Contact | Marc, marc@nowscreen.com


  • University of Technology Sydney
    Bachelor of design in visual communications
    2010 - 2012

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Jessie Schattner
Education University of Technology Sydney
Employer SAI Designs
Location Sydney Australia


About Jessie

My name is Jessie Schattner. I have completed a bachelor of Design in Visual Communications at UTS, Sydney. I am a passionate individual and have a keen interest in design, advertising, art, and photography. I am currently looking for a role as a junior/mid-weight Graphic Designer.
I am a child of the world I was born in Singapore and I am the daughter of two artists. I have had a life full of colour, experience and creativity. I have lived in New York and now live in Sydney which is where I consider home. Travelling is a huge passion of mine and have spent a lot of time abroad. I also enjoy deep sea diving and horse riding. However my biggest love is painting and being arty!




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