Brand Identity, Branding, Drawing, Illustrator, InDesign, Logo Design, Packaging, Photograghy, Photoshop, Print Design, Typography


  • Mornington Peninsula News Group
    Graphic Designer & Photographer
    2015 - Present

    Responsibilities include creating ads and page layouts for three magzines (one monthly and two quartley) and five weekly newspapers.
    Photo shoots for business, local events and breaking news stories.

  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation
    Graphic Designer
    2014 - Present

    Responsibilities include creating graphics and animations for News and other TV programs.

  • Mornington Peninsula Magazine
    Graphic Designer & Photographer
    2014 - 2015

    Responsibilities involved creating ads and page layouts for a monthy
    lifestyle magazine.Photo shoots for business and local events.


  • Chisholm Institute
    Graphic Design
    2012 - 2013

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Jarryd Bravo
Education Chisholm Institute
Employer Mornington Peninsula News Group
Location Melbourne Australia


About Jarryd

It all made sense in 2011 when I realised that I was in the wrong field.
Three years deep into a plumbing apprenticeship, I knew that my true calling was something creative. It was then time to quit and start looking what I wanted to do.
After some research I knew that the advance diploma in Graphic Design was for me. I enjoyed the arts in school and photography had become a pretty big passion of mine now.
Time to get serious, to nut down and do what I had to and get the best results I could. And that’s what I did. Three months in I knew that this was my calling, my passion and that it was me. Done, got my certificates learnt the skills and met some amazing people. So now what? I found myself applying here there and everywhere for jobs. I had never wanted a job so much in my life. Freelancing on whatever I could get my hands on to build my folio the best I could. Finally a door opened and a graphic design/ photography job came my way at Mornington Peninsula Magazine and I also landed a casual job at the ABC. (Talk about when it rains, it pours). I stared designing ads for the mag and then found myself laying out pages and features. All the while taking photos for restaurants new menus, new exciting products and some very interesting local people. Then there was ABC. Designing animations and story plasmas for the top breaking news stories in Australia. Two great jobs working in completely different ways, and wouldn’t change a thing. A year on, and some crazy projects had come my way. From building a fitness company to fashion photography shoots and drawing people’s precious pets. I am always after challenging myself and growing as an artist as well as a person. I now currently work with the Mornington Peninsula News Group as well as ABC. And then anytime I get the chance to have a pencil, camera or laptop in my mits. I just enjoy creating and making peoples visions become a reality.




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