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Design, Drawing, Fine Art, Illustration, Illustrator, Multi-Media Artist, Painting, Photoshop, Printmaking, Screen Printing, Visual Arts


  • Freelance/ Personal work
    2011 - Present

    I draw weird stuff for people and t-shirts

  • Fresh Tees
    Screen Printer
    2014 - 2016

    Screen printing

  • Konstruct Clothing
    Screen printing/ Embroidery
    2012 - 2014

    Screen printing/ Embroidery


  • Dunedin Art School
    Creative Studies
    2010 - 2012

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James Ormiston
Education Dunedin Art School
Employer Freelance/ Personal work
Location Sydney Australia


About James


My name is James and I draw weird things.

I hop between New Zealand and Australia, but spend most of my time in Sydney.

I work predominantly in pencil and acrylic to create bizarre scenes that juxtapose disparate and unlikely elements.
I try to balance the implausibility of these scenes by rendering them in a detailed realistic style.




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