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Our society sets up an unrealistic expectation on what it means to be fulfilled - if I am not happy then there must be something wrong with me, as opposed to accepting sadness as being a normal part of life. The quest for happiness directs us to think we have to change to fit into some manufactured expectation of what it is to be human. All the dreamers, poets, musicians, painters etc, that left an imprint on the world probably weren’t happy people, but they used their reactions to the world to create beauty.
There are many campaigns and social mediums that suggest a happier way of living - if you’re sad go for a walk, get some sunshine or meet up with a friend. But aren’t us humans deeper than that? We live in a society that is intolerant to sadness and it’s not acceptable to discuss the things that bother us.
There’s a need for a campaign that will promote sadness as being a vital emotion that is needed for us all to live a balanced and fulfilling life. Instead of promoting ways to be happy we should be encouraging one another to talk about the things that make us sad.

‘F**k Happiness’ is determined to put a stop to our societies unrealistic expectation on what it means to be happy. It’s time we embrace our melancholy side and vent to the world the things that make us sad.
The BIG issue is that people don’t feel comfortable about discussing and sharing their problems in a public space and therefor suppress their emotions. The solution to this is to develop an online forum where the public can join and post about the things that bother them. This forum will also communicate the benefits of sadness to young adults and encourage them to share their stories and art that have been inspired by sadness.
The intended outcome of this campaign is to have an ongoing social forum where young adults can come together to converse and share their personal creativity in a nonjudgmental and friendly community. As a result all the posted vents will be put together to create an art piece that will be exhibited on a public wall where people can connect and feel apart of something that is personal.


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