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Documentary, Italy / English
Director: Nicole Leghssa
Authors: Nicole Leghissa

This little story is part of the great world changes illuminated by the technological revolution and gives food for thought on a universal subject concerning access to communication and knowledge.
Marco, Ermanno and Carlo climb up tall towers to secure low cost antennas, often built with waste or recycled materials. Their goal is to make communication possible between hospitals and isolated villages in Africa, between remote islands of the Galapagos, between villages scattered in the Venezuelan Andes, between the universities in the southern hemisphere and scientific libraries in the north, between schools and research centres in the still forsaken areas of Asia… all places that fibre optic cables would never reach and where the only communication technology possible is wireless, because it is the cheapest and the most easily manageable locally.

Awards and Achievements

  • Paris Science Festival
  • Trieste Film Festival
  • Festival Della Scienza di Genova


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Erik Bernacchi


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